What is Muscle Activation?

Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT) views muscle tightness as the body protecting itself from weakness or instablity, which cause other muscles to dominate and stiffen in order to bring temporary stabalization to the joint.

Most other therapies focus on alleviating the symptom of muscle tightness; however, MAT is a process which focuses on improving muscle function to resolve the original problem and provide a more permanent solution.

Who Can We Help?

In most cases, our bodies are built to move pain-free. Often, chronic pain, muscle tightness, muscle strains, joint pain, joint inflammation, decreased athletic performance and even osteoarthritis is caused by the muscle imbalances that MAT was developed to correct.

At Muscle Activation of Austin, our specialists have been extensively trained to locate and manually correct these muscle imbalances. Often, with immediate results.

Job Opening Available:

Muscle Activation of Austin has been a successful and growing business for the past decade focused on providing purely MAT services and exceptional customer service. We are looking for a motivated MAT specialist who is eager to work and continue learning in a professional, teaching environment.

We will happily provide:
  • All clients, staff for all scheduling and billing, and massage table.
  • A unique and competitive pay structure.
  • Ongoing tutoring and shadowing from 2 of our MAT master specialists.
  • Possible opportunities to assist in future MAT courses.
We are looking for someone who is:
  • MAT specialist certified minimally (wanting to pursue mastery level and eventually Rx level certification).
  • Eager to grow a client base and skills.
  • Wanting a long term business relationship.
  • Able to work with large athletes if needed.
  • Excellent communicator. Hard working, honest, and great work ethic.
If interested, please send a description of your experience and qualifications to lori@mataustin.com